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Position: Goal Attack (GA)
Age: 25
Born: Gold Coast, Queensland
Height: 192cm
Debut: 2014
Test Caps: 23
Nation League Caps: 63
Junior Club: Hinterland District Netball Association
Previous Clubs: New South Wales Swifts
Profession: Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics Student

Move: I love going to the beach, hoping on my paddle board & paddling around the coastline finding hidden coves and fairy ponds! I feel so free! I have a few favourite places to go, however there are still so many more beaches to explore here in Queensland.
Nourish: My favourite foods would have to be the fruits; watermelon & mangoes especially during the summer time, I could live off them! Avocado is also up there as I have it most days on toast for brekky and of course a few squares of dark chocolate is my favourite indulgence.
Believe: "If you are humble nothing can touch you, neither praise or discouragement because you know who you are."


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