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Position: Centre (C) Wing Defence (WD) Wing Attack (WA)
Age: 22
Born: Newcastle, New South Wales
Height: 176cm
Debut: 2017
Test Caps: Nil
National League Caps: 14
Junior Club: Arana Hills Netball Association
Previous Clubs: Nil
Profession: Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology Student

Move: To relax I love walking my dog between training sessions as it helps clear my mind. To maintain fitness I enjoy high intensity training sessions in a team environment.
Nourish: Italian food is my favourite! I love traditional spaghetti bolognese especially the night before games as it gives me plenty of energy. Homemade pizzas are another one of my favourites to make and eat! Spinach, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms are my topping go tos.
Believe: "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination of success."


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