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Position: Goal Keeper (GK) Goal Defence (GD))
Age: 26
Born: Toowoomba, Queensland
Height: 190cm
Debut: 2013
Test Caps: Nil
National League Caps: 22
Junior Club: St George Netball Association
Previous Clubs: Nil
Profession: Masters of Psychological Science Student

Move: I’m passionate about exploring the outdoors on foot- whether it’s hiking up a nearby mountain, walking along the Brisbane River or wandering down to the markets of a weekend. Roaming around on foot gives me the opportunity to appreciate my surrounds; whether that be the bush, the beach or my local suburb. Plus- walking is a great way to get some Vitamin D!
Nourish: My favourite dinner is a chicken and vegetable stir-fry. It’s so quick and easy. I cook the chicken in a fry pan and add whichever veggies I happen to have in my fridge! I stir in whichever sauce I’m in the mood for (teriyaki, soy sesame, lemon…) and that’s it! It’s a colourful and easy way for me to get my veggie serves for the day.
Believe: “Go to bed proud.”


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