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We know how good it feels to own something new. THAT FRESH FEELING. THAT EXCITEMENT. We understand how much your purchase means to you. That’s why we’re taking things to a whole new level...

Introducing a brand new kind of new with the Lorna Jane First Wear Initiative, where your first wear is the first wear.
Quite literally, no one has ever worn your purchase before.

We’re reinventing ‘first in, best dressed’ because we like to be the first, and we know you do too. So, go ahead, try it on and enjoy that first wear feeling.…#LJFIRSTWEAR


Product freshness and cleanliness is a subject of heightened concern in the current retail space. In the last 2 years, a number of articles have been devoted to highlighting the risks of post-purchase garment use without washing before wearing. There is an abundance of information online that emphasizes what these dangers are, but despite all the evidence, nobody has taken action.
Until now….

We have overhauled our production and logistics practices to deliver the following important outcomes with our customer as our top priority:

    1. Ensured that our fabric and finished garment handling procedures are streamlined to minimise skin to garment handling at every step of the supply chain. The simple reason being, the less hands that touch your garment or the fabric that it is made from, the fresher it will be.

    2. Revised our standards to increase staff awareness around garment handling and skin to garment contact.

    3. Reengineered our handling facilities to reduce handling and create the cleanest possible production and packing environment.

    4. Introduced a garment packaging system that protects the product from further handling until it reaches you – the customer to ensure the First Wear is yours….

Overall, we believe that this deserves to be a non-negotiable customer demand and expectation. We have done the work to ensure you enjoy the First Wear every time you purchase, whether shopping instore or online. Our First Wear guarantee is all about ensuring that your first wear is the first wear.

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