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I am often told by our customers that there must be a secret ingredient in Lorna Jane products.
They tell me that when they wear them they actually feel like exercising!
They feel like they want to train harder, and they want to be healthier and have more fun! 
One possible explanation could be that Lorna Jane makes you look good and I know for sure that when you look good, you feel good. But there is another reason I’d like to share with you. It is the almost magical effect Lorna Jane has on the women that wear it. For some time now, we have been making sure that there is a whole lot of love injected into each and every garment. Literally!
As our business grew, Bill and I wanted to instil in our team the importance of putting love into everything we did at Lorna Jane. Just as food tastes better when it’s prepared with love, we believe if we inject a little love into all of our products then our customers will feel our commitment and passion towards inspiring them to live their best, Active Life when they wear Lorna Jane. 
So we started to attach small, heart-shaped beads into our products (some are visible whilst others are harder to find) with the understanding that all our team give their love and passion for Active Living and infuse it into every single piece. These hearts are not designed to stay in your Lorna Jane products for the life of the garment – just long enough that you feel the benefit and develop your own inspiration and motivation to be fit and healthy. 
- Lorna Jane Clarkson

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