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The company was going through a huge growth stage.

Construction was running a couple of weeks behind schedule, and finances were getting a little low. So to say there was a little pressure on every one is an understatement! 

On one of the half-finished walls of the office Lorna hung a cartoon image of a frog that demonstrated extreme optimism when faced with a huge challenge, with the words “Never Give Up” underneath. 

It really resonated with Lorna and she thought it would also resonate with her staff, so she added a few repeats of “Never” and printed it on a singlet. 

The rest is history! 

She didn’t know it at the time, but those motivational words were pivotal in inspiring the team to push through the growth challenges at Lorna Jane.  

This simple phrase has become an integral part of what our brand represents. They inspire our customers to overcome obstacles in their own lives. We have seen them worn when people have been cleaning up after the devastation of floods and cyclones. We have seen them represent hope after debilitating accidents as people start their road to recovery. And we have seen them simply motivating you to get through that workout you really didn’t feel like doing but you pushed yourself to do it anyway!

At Lorna Jane, our inspirational messages are an integral part of our brand DNA.

There have been many since, but “Never Never Never Give Up” is the one that truly represents what our brand stands for. It is grounded in our history and will be an important part of our brand for as long as it continues to inspire you.


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